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  • Killdeer
    Killdeer by Christopher Good We had to cancel our camping trip because of Lori’s broken leg.  Oh-seven had been a tough summer for all of us. It’d been so hot. I’d worked so hard – Matt had helped me in the fields, dragging his feet, and Lori too. We were all looking forward to a Read More …

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Interweaving  fact and fiction to tell a story has always been a part our every day life-a quick glance at any social media platform will show you this; conversations at the dinner table, or meetings between friends always involve an element of story–it’s one of the most familiar ways we connect with one another.

Fiction as an art form, however, is largely neglected within the Anabaptist and the larger Christian community. Often fiction is produced exclusively for children and young adults, while there has been an absence of quality fiction being written for and by adult audiences.

Our goal with Nettlesome is to provide a platform for fiction that is valuable because it is creative, well-crafted, and has the depth to stand up to the rigors of a developed mind.

We cultivate content that may prickle and provoke, but handled correctly, good stories, like the nettle, contain properties that heal and stimulate. Strong stories entertain just as an accomplished host nourishes guests with food and fascinates with conversation, to send them away refreshed and heartened. We hope that the exchange between writers and readers will encourage greater conversation, inspire more stories, and foster stronger fellowship.


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