General Guidelines:

We are interested in a wide variety of styles and genres. Nettlesome has strong roots in Anabaptist worldview, and Christian/Mennonite experience and thought will be a strong flavor in our stories. However, excluding extremely graphic or explicit content we do not restrict our writers to specific themes or content.

All work should be previously unpublished unless it has appeared only on a personal website. If it has, please let us know. We accept multiple and simultaneous submissions. We require first rights for publishing work on our website, as well as the right to publish in other types of media should we decide to do so.

Submissions should be emailed to with the subject “Nettlesome Submission.” Attach a profile picture and include a short description of yourself.

Submission Guidelines:

We pay authors up to $50 for accepted submissions.

We consider simultaneous submissions. Include a note indicating that the work is a simultaneous submission. If the story is accepted elsewhere please notify us immediately.

Send your best work. Submit only one story at a time. Include the author’s name and the word count at the top of the first page.

Short Stories: Good stories display technical skill, depth of thought, and are entertaining. Stories should be shorter than 8,000 words. There is no minimum length.

Creative Nonfiction: A strong creative nonfiction piece will include all of the characteristics of a good piece of fiction: plot, characterization, well formed characters, the list goes on. The story must be a story, not a description of events; it will display the conflicts of the moment while also incorporating what complexity and knowledge hindsight may give. Stories should be shorter than 8,000 words. There is no minimum length.

Our goal is the encourage and cultivate writers’ skills. If we do not accept a st6ory, we always respond with feedback. If you are looking for more ways to hone your skill as a writer, we offer monthly critiques sessions. Catch the details right here.